Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Self Expression Through The Clothes We Wear Essay

Self Expression Through The Clothes We Wear - Essay Example The emergence of street style of clothing has not at all changed the desire among people to show themselves via their wardrobe. According to Dorene (1) fashion and function should match well without hustle in the current world. There should be no one to dictate the mode of dressing as long as the individual is comfortable with the clothing he or she is putting at a given function. Dorene (1) says in the article, â€Å"I need the style and comfort that’s going to let me wear it all day.† It is argued that all sexes desire clothing and apparel that can not only perform but also bring out the fitness of their life style in any given function. Many people want apparels that help to express the attitude of the wearer, which gives room for them to bring out their character, clothes that expresses whether by showing off their tattoo or their colorful headband. Functionality in most cases begins with durability, lightweight and breathable garments with enough room to conceal the total range of emotions. This seems to have evolved with the assistance of high technology from other markets. In the current days and time, people should be allowed to wear what pleases them because of the increased sophistication of the clothing. â€Å"Fitness apparel has evolved in the quality of material and the quality of construction,† says (Andrea 1). Andrea (1) however offers a candid advice to everyone in the society of what to wear and what to consider. As much as everyone should the freedom to wear what they pleases, the people must evaluate their own personal motivation, provide a little guidance on background depending on the function, create respect for oneself, take children into account and provide a role model to various people in various walks of life. The guiding principle should the personal conviction of the person himself

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