Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Change Management and Physical Restructuring of the Irish Defence Essay

Change Management and Physical Restructuring of the Irish Defence Forces - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that the Irish Defence Forces are the armed services of the Irish Military. It consists of Naval Services, the Air Corps, the Army (covering ground and air operations), and the Reserve Defence Forces are made of part-time military members. Commissioned officers in the Defence Forces are granted their commissions by the President of Ireland, with supplementary decision-making and presidential representation occurring through the Irish Minister of Defence. It is the responsibility of the Defence Forces to secure the state against foreign and domestic threats, prepare the state for terrorist and non-terrorist armed military threats, ensure peace-keeping in the country, and provide humanitarian relief efforts coordinated with support from the United Nations. Domestic non-combat activities include policing of fisheries, bomb disposal, and stabilizing chemical threats. In 2009, the Irish Defence Forces began to over-run its allotted budget for op erations, which had been set at â‚ ¬688 million.   This situation called for a restructuring of the Irish Defence Forces since the government could not afford another budgetary increase to secure effective and productive operations. This restructuring involved labor reduction of key services including barrack, condensed tangible resource allocation to the Forces, and redeployment of posted service persons to undertake front-line operational roles.

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