Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Change Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Change Management - Essay Example In a world which is slowly shrinking, most organizations, especially multi-nationals, have a pool of employees spread across the world or they decide to outsource part of the staff internationally, where the new employees are from a different part of the world. This means immense cultural diversity and makes it a challenge to implement a uniform, organisation-wide change, where all employees would understand and agree with the change. Radically new technologies: Employees can be overwhelmed with the rapid advancement of technology, which could be challenging to work with in the absence of proper guidance, and make them feel inadequate. The point of origin of change: Change is mostly planned and initiated in the upper echelons of the organization because the need for change can be perceived by only those who have access to the bigger picture, or the external challenges like market forces and increasing competition. They know how the change would affect the organization as a whole, but there is usually no clear concept in the higher management about how the change would affect the worker on the floor, and hence they are often unable to communicate the consequences of change adequately, leaving the staff confused: â€Å"Many change projects are designed and launched at such a high level in the organization that all the planning is unrelated to the everyday, operational details that make up the lives of most workers. In such cases, the decision-makers often have no idea how changes will actually make anyone's life or job.

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