Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 155

Assignment Example However, if the research on nuclear weapons may help thwart those the actions of those who have ill intensions to make or use this weapons, then the scientists can be allowed to continue developing these weapons because in such a situation it would be for the advantage of the many. Employees are obliged to be productive because that is why they are employed. However, the employer must also understand that the employees are humans and may from time to time face difficult situations that may affect their productivity. In many cases, a closer look at unproductive employee reveals that they may be having issues in their personal lives. In the spirit of doing to other people as you would want them to do to you, it would be necessary to try and understand whether this is the case with employees, because that is what the manager would want to be done to them if they were the employee. The unproductive employee also has a duty to the employer, and maybe even to other stakeholders of the business that employs them. He must consider this and find ways to secure his financial life and then retire because that would be beneficial to other people. John Locke was a believer in social contract which is a philosophical outlook that sees everyone as having a social contract towards these people they deal with. This is like the philosophy of ding the he neighbor as one would want them to do to you. In such a situation as the unproductive employee’s case, he would want both sides analysis their obligations to each other and then do what they are supposed to do. Regina seems to be using the utilitarian philosophy which argues that the end justifies the means. Such donations are supposed to come from a point of personal desire to help, as opposed to the selfish desire to outshine the others. Instead of taking advantage of people’s advantage to show off, Regina’s and the team should have found a way to take advantage of the primal desire to help others, which is

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