Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Gothic Satire Essay

The subject of homework is cause for much debate between teachers, students, and parents. However, it is obvious that homework is not necessary every day. Homework should not be assigned to students on a daily basis because of health issues, the level of difficulty and the problem with time management. So I suggest the teacher can assign the homework twice a week, it is a way more easy to let students done their work. To begin, daily homework is unnecessary because of health issues. Students who have too much homework can develop poor sleep habits; many students pull â€Å"all-nighters† in an attempt to keep up. Another health issue is the lack of fresh air. Students show simple exposure to sunlight can provide bodies with neccessay vitamins, but there is no sunlight at your desk in your bedroom! Lastly, stress levels go through the roof when faced with too much work; in countries like China, overworked students have a high suicide rate. Evidently, too much homework can seriously damage your health. In addition, daily homework presents an unrealistic level of difficulty. If all teachers support daily homework, a student will have a heavy workload, with homework from four classes! Some homework is simply too difficult to be completed alone; a parent is not a teacher and should not be expected to know all the answers. Finally, struggling students who face failure at school and at home might choose to give up on school completely. A student who did not understand all day will fell even more discouraged when left alone to complete the work. Obviously, daily homework is simply too difficult. Finally, daily homework causes major problems when it comes to time. Many students need to work to supplement their family income or for posr=secondary education; there is no time for a student to manage a part-time job and homework. Valuable leisure time with family and friends also suffers when daily homework is assigned. Students need connections with the people who care about them in order to be emotionally and mentally healthy. With no time to simply unwind with those we love, we cannot form healthy relationships. Last but not least, students who have homework every day cannot join extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs. The educational system constantly stresses that a successful student is an active part of the school community, but a student with no free time has no time to join and make new friends. Thus, daily homework seriously compromises a student’s free time. In conclusion, due to problems such as good health, increased level of difficulty and lack of time, daily homework should not be assigned; it is, quite simply, unrealistic. Teachers should keep in mind that they are developing future people, and people require a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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