Sunday, July 28, 2019

Should gay marriage be legalized Research Paper

Should gay marriage be legalized - Research Paper Example Should gay marriage be legalized? The United States constitution guarantees all citizens equal rights regardless of gender, sex, religion, race or sexual orientation and therefore, denying people of same-sex the right to get married is a violation of the constitution. As stipulated in the constitution, everyone has a right to liberty, freedom and equality provided in the exercise of such rights one does not cause damage or harm to other people. The gay people in engaging in marriage are only exercising the right and their behavior does not cause harm to anybody. Despite the fundamental principles not only allowing but also requiring legalization of same-sex marriage, some people still insist that same-sex couples should not be accorded equal right to marry. They forget that gays are human beings just like other people such as the heterosexuals and as such should be treated equally. The democrats and republicans often advocate equal rights for gay and lesbians such as the right to proper housing, government benefits, employment and legal protections. However, when it comes to marriage they strongly oppose such an idea. The democrats even go ahead to support the inclusion of gay and lesbian families in the life of our nation and seek equal responsibility. Opposing the right to marry is thus a contradiction to the party’s commitment to legal equality and non discrimination. It makes no sense to support good cause for the gay and their families but refuse to acknowledge their right to marry and to live happily.

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