Thursday, August 15, 2019

Computer Literacy Essay

Introduction: †¢ How many people in this classroom learn to use computer? As I look around, no one in this classroom, don’t use computer in their offices. †¢ We are all students of AIC, and most likely gone to different basic computer course. †¢ Does studying computer affect the way we communicate? And if so, is this a bad thing? Development †¢ As our society, increasingly dependent on computers to take care of our daily needs, it creates a high demand for skilled professionals to maintain as well as take advantage of this technology. o Pose-Pause-Pounce-Praise †¢ Questions 1. Why do we need to study the use of computer? 2. What is the personal cost as â€Å"studying a computer† becomes a necessity? (requirement, obligation, essential) †¢ We have to go in training †¢ Read & Practice †¢ Tutorial 3. When is the last time you use a computer? †¢ 4. What will you do, if you don’t know how to use computer in case of presentation or research? †¢ Library, other resources 5. Amplify †¢ I’m referring to computer literacy. As computer literacy becomes a necessity, we are faced with the facts that we are in a ever-changing society that demands the use of technology †¢ We will keep putting aside the cost of this literacy as long as we only see the positive aspects of a technology-centered future. KEYPOINT 2: IMPORTANCE OF COMPUTER †¢ Questions 1. What is the significance of having a computer in our work? 2. When is the last time that your office procures or upgrades your computer because of increasing demands from your clients? 3. What applications do use in your computer? 4. What will happen if we still use typewriters to share information? 5. Amplify †¢ Information and communication are the two most important strategic issues for the success of every organization. Computers help us to solve this issues.

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