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How do theories of leadership provide practical advice on how to be an Essay - 1

How do theories of leadership provide practical advice on how to be an effective leader Discuss, with reference to at least two theories or models of leadership - Essay Example With these transformations, various leadership theories and models have been applied or used. Researchers and experts do not unanimously agree on a solitary leadership style that should be implemented in organizations to achieve success. Rather, they have argued that using or combining different theories based on the wants and needs of an organization will give out the best results. This paper will depict how leadership theories and models provide practical advice on how to be an effective leader. Moreover, transformational leadership theory and path goal theory will be incorporated in the essay. Philosophers and Researchers have studied or engaged in lengthy discussions about the nature of leadership. However, no conclusive facts and evidence exist as to what makes effective leadership (Judge, T. 2004, 36). The different perspectives advocated by researchers on leadership have led to examination of various variables. For example, characters of good leaders, the use of power, leadership models and theories, and the various leadership styles (Gillespie, N. 2004, 600). Historically, leadership definitions majorly focussed on the behaviours of leaders (Yukl, G. 2002, 56). For example, the conduct, values and behaviours of popular ancient Greek and Roman leaders were described in Plutarch’s Parallel Lives. The behaviours of these leaders were used as part of leadership training to subsequent leaders. Machiavelli provided Lorenzo de Medici in the early 16th century with a detailed prescription on how to become an effective leader in his book the prince. Lorenzo de Medici w as a leader in an Italian state/city. James Macgregor examined the leader follower relationship in his book leadership (1978) during the 20th century. The main goal of a transformational leader is to â€Å"transform† an organization or people (Nell, E. 2005, 98). The leader changes their heart, mind, insight, understanding and vision.

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